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How PorVent® plays a role in Electric Vehicle safety

How does PorVent® play a role in Electric Vehicle Safety?

As one of the world’s largest automobile markets, India’s country-wide electrification will be a turning point for the entire world and the country itself. India’s electric vehicle (EV) market registered a significant uptick in sales, crossing 1.7 million units in the fiscal year 2024, according to a report by JMK Research and Analytics. 

Why is IP rating important for Outdoor Electronics?

Why is IP rating important for Outdoor Electronics?

Electronics and outdoor electronics manufacturers use descriptive terms like waterproof, dustproof, water-repellent, and dust-resistant to promote their products’ ability to protect themselves from dust and water ingress.

How does PorVent® enhance the Performance and Lifespan of CCTV Cameras?

How does PorVent® enhance the Performance and Lifespan of CCTV Cameras?

The CCTV market in India has been on a growth trajectory in recent years, driven by increasing security concerns, and this growth is expected to continue in the coming years. 

chemical packaging

The Advantages of Porous PTFE Venting Over Conventional Packaging Options

With growing industry and consumer needs, an extensive range of chemicals are used daily, and this also means that toxic chemicals are being handled regularly.
Outdoor Electronics vent

How PorVent® Protects Outdoor Electronics from Harsh Weather Conditions?

The outdoor electronics are prone to a wide range of damages mostly due to harsh weather conditions such as moisture, fluctuating temperature, dust and debris. 

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3 Ways to Incorporate Vents in Battery Packs and Electronic Enclosures

Incorporating a vent in battery packs and electronic enclosures is an excellent way to ensure that their optimum functionality is always maintained.

Airlfow Machine for Vents

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Comprehensive Testing of Automotive Vents, Battery Vents and Pressure Release Systems

In the rapidly evolving automotive and battery industries, venting technology plays a major role in their, safety and reliability.
Lithium Ion Battery Vent

Demystifying Lithium Ion Battery Vents: A Deep Dive into Their Function and Importance

Lithium ion batteries have gained popularity thanks to their rechargeability nature, but their advantages don’t stop there. Apart from being rechargeable, these batteries also have a long life span and high energy density, providing them with an edge over other batteries.
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PorVent® Chemical Packaging Vents – Store Your Chemicals Safely

Industries and households all over the world require a myriad of chemicals daily. Many of these chemicals are hazardous but are inescapable parts of day-to-day activities such as maintenance, operating and manufacturing activities, industrial, agricultural, as well as household activities.
X-ray Car Labelled

PorVent® Automotive Vents and Their Applications

With rapid advancements in the automotive industry, the need for effective and efficient vents has also risen. Today, the automotive sector boasts different varieties of vehicles, such as electrical, hybrid, and conventional.

Stages of thermal runway in lithium batteries

Why do Batteries need to be Vented?

The lithium-ion battery industry is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade, due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles and other electronic devices.

Keep your Electrical Enclosures cool with PorVent®

Heat management is a well-known issue when designing electrical enclosures. Temperature control and heat dissipation are extremely critical, but often overlooked aspects…

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PorVent Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor electronic products take up a major part of the outdoor product segment since they cater to large markets across the world…
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Know your PTFE: ePTFE vs. sPTFE

Porous PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high-performance material used in various applications where durability and reliability are crucial….
not all vents are created equal

Not all vents are created equal

Packaging hazardous chemicals is a challenging task. A well-designed package must prevent pillage, be robust, and have sufficient safety factor. The results of poor packaging…