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17 Jan 2021

This is not a local tradition but is actually something that local people are working hard to prevent. Posted by Toni. However, I first saw Fonab Castle as I drove past it on the dual carriageway and it was so impressive that I had to stop and shoot it from the side of the road. View our data protection policy for details, © Copyright 2021 Secret Scotland - Header Images by Ed Duncan Photography, This site uses cookies. A roadside pull-off that you cannot possibly miss, the Meeting of the Three Waters is an impressive scene in the heart of the Glencoe drive where three channels of water collide. Day 10: Departure from Scotland. Day 8 -Edinburgh Castle & Calton Hill. There will be an obvious walking trail along the road. Frequent clouds blocked most of the light during sunrise and sunset. What makes this spot so special is Buachaille Etive Mor; the mountain that towers above the falls. On the way to Glencoe, I would highly recommend taking a short detour to Inveraray Castle and Kilchurn Castle. This required me to circle back to the only layby on this stretch of road, but it provided a nice view of the castle tucked into the mountains. From the warm people to the rugged landscapes and fairytale castles, everything about Scotland is enchanting. Would probably favour 2-3 'base locations' offering 3-4 days good road riding loops from each. Scottish people are literally the nicest I have encountered anywhere in the world, and Edinburgh was just as friendly despite being a big city. If photography is your goal, you may want to note this as a good end-of-day option. The walk itself is short but very, very muddy. Its unique shape and size, coupled with the majestic Etive Mor Waterfall, make for a stunning photo. Can’t help the weather or the colours, sorry. Rolling green hills sprout out of nowhere, dressed in the autumn-red fern of the isle. Parking would likely have been a major nightmare in the more popular months, but it was no problem at all as my 10 day trip to Scotland took place in October. To find the correct parking lot, make sure you have entered “The Quiraing Car Park” into your Google Maps. A campervan is a great option for road trippers who don’t mind small spaces and want the ability to sleep nearby to shooting locations, but anyone spending more than 7 days in Scotland should consider a motorhome. I had the good fortune of meeting Andrew whilst taking photos and promised him I would make sure to include a few things about visiting the castle: most notably, you are not allowed on the grass! As a photographer, I am used to being able to pull off quickly to take roadside images, even if it is just live parking in a driveway. These summer months are the most popular time to visit Scotland, and with good reason. I’ve followed you for a while and to find out you came to my village, Aberfoyle, and what’s even worse is you were disappointed. As always, expect a LOT of mud. So you can choose which day trips suit your interests best. Posted by pam (nacogdoches, tx, usa) on 02/14/10 06:12 PM. Parking is free and plentiful, but admission to the castle is £14 for adults. READ MORE: 2 Day Isle of Skye Tour from Edinburgh. This is the trail you want! Yes,… 2 days in the central Highlands exploring castles and whisky distilleries. They are not to be used for any purpose without the expressed, written consent of their owners.**. I suggest routing for the Todholes Car Park and then routing to Loup of Fintry for the walk so you don’t accidentally pass the marker. Park here, walk back to the driveway, and once on the driveway, stay right until you arrive at the castle. The map below shows the most time and fuel-efficient route for checking off all the major highlights. A short detour from Dunvegan Castle delivers you to a little slice of white sand paradise in the least expected place! It is an absolute must during your 10 days in Scotland! Garrigou Posts: 145. Instead, take the route the buses go, circling the north of the peninsula. Luss is a charming old town tucked against the impressive Loch Lomond. After seeing photos of Brodie Castle, I almost skipped it as it looked rather plain and blocky. If you need to take another day from your trip, you can slash Stirling Castle and Glengoyne, or couple one of those with a half day in Glasgow, leaving you with seven days. We Dream of Travel participates in various affiliate marketing programs. Also, be aware that it is common to encounter deer, sheep and other animals on the road in rural areas. The Isle of Skye comes to a crossroads in the small village of Sligachan. This 19th-century priory has all the feelings of a haunted house… and legend has it that it just might be! I didn’t know to call!! I found it was just too much to fit into this amount of time at the pace most people travel. We plan on driving to Lake District in England after Scotland so that is direction we will ultimately be heading to . Visiting Scotland in November-March Like many places, winter is perhaps the toughest time to schedule your We Dream of Travel is also a participant with the Booking.com and GetYourGuide Affiliate Programs. We paid £8 to park our motorhome, which was a bit more than the fee for a regular car. Part of it, surely, was that nature has started to encroach on the building and reclaim it, meaning it is tucked away into the trees. There are many views of Stirling Castle, but the best is from Wallace Monument where you can capture it with a telephoto lens set above the city and against the distant mountains. Typically, the leaves start to change beginning the first week of October, with the colors starting to fade after the first frost toward the end of the month. The one destination I have to mention by name as a can’t-miss stop is the Etive Mor Waterfall. If you want to visit and are in a motorhome, you may be best off coming near sunrise when you will have the road and parking lot to yourself. If traditional Scottish castles do not hold great appeal to you, you may want to spend your extra time on the North or East coast instead of following this route. Traveling Scotland by campervan or motorhome provides all of the same advantages, but have some distinct disadvantages. The Best of Scotland takes you up to Gairloch in the North West Highlands. Strolling along we visited several department stores and shops, including: Selfridges. With such a short trip, I would like suggestions on the best way to break up the travel zonex. For a 10 day itinerary you can pace this road trip as below:    >>> READ MORE, This whisky themed tour itinerary takes you around distilleries that represent the different characteristics of Lowland, Highland, Speyside and Island malts. The best time to visit Neist Point Lighthouse is at sunset, and photographers will likely want to stick around for the blue hour as well. They were incredibly helpful in planning my trip, and having 24/7 live online support saved us on many nights as we dealt with the motorhome learning curve. As Urquhart Castle is on your most natural route to Inverness, you may as well stop in. Maybe fit in a day in Glasgow which is quite a contrast compared to Edinburgh. Even without being able to access the castle, I loved the way it looked against the fall colors from the road and felt like that was the best vantage point for photos anyway. We are now onto the home stretch! Absolutely stunning! A 10-day trip through Scotland that focused on whisky. You can enjoy that thrill again and again with our Island Adventure tour plan which hops up the west coast from Arran to Mull and then to Skye. The rest of the drive to the Isle of Skye is not overly impressive, especially after experiencing the road to Glencoe, but there were some beautiful autumn colors coming in as we neared the Skye bridge. As most camper vans don’t have room to cook inside, this can be a huge problem. However, as always the images you got are amazing. Day 1: Glasgow Highlights. There are many laybys to park at on A819, but setting your destination for “Kilchurn Castle Panorama Viewpoint” is the easiest way to find *that* view. Unfortunately for me, the Queen was actually staying there during my 10 days in Scotland, so I was unable to see the castle at all. While my photos from here do not rank at the top of the list, it was one of the castles I enjoyed the most in person. The Fairy Pools are the second most popular destination on the Isle of Skye, following The Storr. There is no wrong time to visit this castle! While I enjoyed some of the stops in the region, this was definitely not the most impressive area of Skye. When we visited Scotland we set up home base at a great B&B and did day trips from there. This is a good itinerary for a road trip in Scotland if you want to see places that are not on the mainstream tourist trail. Even in the moody Scotland rain, the castle and grounds were picture perfect. If you find value in our guides & would like to thank the artists, please click the logo below to show your support. I’ve tried to include what I consider some of the best places in Scotland to visit so that you can customoize the best Scotland road trip itinerary for you. To access this waterfall, you will turn on to Glen Etive road and park in the small area where Google Maps directs you to. Techincally, wild camping does not apply to vehicles, however we parked considerately where we felt we wouldn’t disturb anyone and ensured we used our bathroom and took all rubbish with us. Days 1-3: Inverness. Behind the parking lot, you will find a field with highland cows happily eating away! Maybe you could show us around next time?! A massive cascade spills over a sheer rock edge, plummeting directly into the ocean below. On our last day in London for our London & Scotland 10 day itinerary, we visited the British Museum again. This tour plan guides you to up the west coast to Skye and then onto Lewis & Harris, before returning via Ullapool and the Cairngorms. Day Ten: South Queensferry. You will not, however, have access to the immaculate gardens. Starting off in Glasgow, we’ll be checking out the major sites such as Glasgow Cathedral and Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I included Elgin on our places to go in Scotland itinerary because I had a specific Halloween photo in mind, using the Elgin Cathedral and graveyard as a spooky sort of night scene. We didn’t ever hook it up and had enough electricity to keep everything charged, although you can stay at powered sites. They say good things come in threes! From here, you can either head northeast toward Portree and the iconic Old Man of Storr, or northwest toward Neist Point. Most times of the year, Brodie Castle is just a quick stop. While the Fairy Pools present some neat compositions for photos, they were a bit disappointing when compared to the grandeur of Glencoe, which was a similar but more impressive landscape. In the meantime, enjoy your travels. The castle is part of a larger estate, and is located up a private driveway. Loved the detailed itinerary and lovely photos! Depending on how quickly you are moving, you may have to skip some stops, or even entire legs, to allow yourself to enjoy your Scotland road trip. The persistent rain was great for that, but bad for the wildlife and red deer sightings. Like many places, winter is perhaps the toughest time to schedule your Scotland road trip. Though Kilchurn Castle is little more than ruins and scaffolding these days, it is a must-see for most visitors and photographers because of the stunning scenery that surrounds it. If you wish to make the hike, be prepared for a strenuous, steep walk that takes about an hour. While the motorhome would be my recommendation for the spring and fall seasons, I definitely missed a few things about road tripping in a camper van. This is a nice place for sunrise, but if you have only 10 days in Scotland, I would recommend visiting Brother’s Point whenever it happens to be convenient. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn of this view until after our visit, but we still enjoyed driving around the city in search of compositions. Namely, the maneuverability! You are able to climb to the top of this fairly easily by taking the path from the car park. Travel Jul 28 - Aug 06. However, you may want to save it for your way out, as it will be on your way to Inverness. If you are partial to whisky then it’s worth stopping in here for a Scottish whisky tour at Ben Nevis distillery. After all, this one decision will impact your accessibility, costs, speed, and most of all, your comfort! That sunrise photo at the beginning of your post is top notch. It has so much to see and free admission. However, our options were to skip two castles that we really wanted to visit (Inveraray and Kilchurn) or sacrifice what would end up being a full day to visit Ben A’an. I personally wouldn’t spend much time here, but you may as well peek over the fence and give it a gander, or pay the admission and visit if you have good weather and are loving what you see. If you are a landscape lover, make sure you schedule some time for this portion of the road trip! In fact, I strongly recommend doing what I did and arriving for sunset, staying until the lights come on after dark, and sleeping nearby to visit again at sunrise. Start your 10-day Scotland road trip in the “Gateway to the Highlands,” Inverness. The driveway is open to pedestrians, but not to vehicles. It is not the most impressive waterfall, but there is no hike and parking is easy, so its worth the stop. On your day of departure, we recommend taking the Airlink bus or a taxi directly from your hotel to reach the airport. 48 10 Day Scotland tour packages with 109 reviews View Map. Although it’s not part of the NC500, we also include a guide for exploring Orkney. While it is possible to cover a lot of ground in 10 days in Scotland, there’s always more to see! Scotland Itinerary 10 Days: Getting to the Scottish Highlands and Getting Around. For more information, including tour times and prices, visit their website. With that said, the most time-efficient route will be to take the ferry from Mallaig to Skye. Parking can be limited. Well, not when you have decided to rent a car and drive around the entire Island(s). What I love about Mealt Falls is it feels like a waterfall at the end of the world! If you prefer hotels or B&Bs and don’t mind being confined to a preset schedule based on reservations, then this is the way to go! It’s hard to explain what it was that I liked so much, except that it felt like the “perfect sized” city. For this guide, I have attempted to provide only the pertinent information on Scotland’s major points of interest, while providing some suggestions for time-efficient routes. As I mentioned, I was pretty exhausted as I drove the final stretch back to Spaceships to return the motorhome, and had already seen too many castles to bother with one more. The main “feature” of Fairy Glen is a geographical curiosity called Castle Ewan. After breakfast, take a lovely stroll around Old Town and explore the sights of the Royal Mile. With that said, here are few more castles you could visit on your way back to Edinburgh, if you have the desire. We will absolutely be back to Scotland, we fell in love with the country. Just be ready to have “Castle on the Hill” stuck in your head for the rest of the day! Thank you for all this amazing info! The unofficial capital of the highlands, Inverness felt like a big city (and it is by highland standards), but it is only the 13th most populated city in Scotland. The only thing to note before beginning the hike is that you need to stay right at every loop and trail fork to walk the most direct route to the iconic view, looking back across the Old Man. From Glasgow, you can continue on to Luss and pick up the rest of the suggested road trip itinerary from there. There are not a ton of stops in this region, which is why I suggest assessing the available days you have left at this point and deciding if you feel ahead of, or behind, schedule. The autumn season is arguably the best time for trips to Scotland. A beautiful castle and on your way to Neist Point, Dunvegan Castle was originally constructed in the 13th century but was remodeled in a medieval style in the 1800s. After leaving the Fairy Glen and Castle Ewan, you can shortcut over to the northwestern Peninsula at the small village of Borve. Visited everything from Edinburgh Castle, to Arthurs Seat, to new Town.The Double Decker tour buses are a great way to see a little of everything and then stop to explore a place you want to see more of. Were Braemar Castle not on your way back to Edinburgh anyway, I might suggest skipping it. Answer 1 of 10: Hi - Our first trip to the UK. Below are a list of castles in the park, but I would advise you to go for walks anywhere you see an opportunity that looks pretty. National Museum of Scotland 5. >>> READ MORE, Like the Scenic Flexi tour, this itinerary includes lots of day trip options to let you adapt the tour to your schedule and interest. For 10 days in Scotland, we’d suggest a schedule as shown below. This can be a difficult viewpoint to find in the dark for those brave enough to shoot sunrise, but the trail is fairly obvious for most of the walk. A 10 day itinerary, such as the Best of Scotland tour plan, would let you spend: 2 days in Edinburgh walking the historical streets and enjoying the cosmopolitan buzz. A hidden gem known only to photographers is the surprisingly large waterfall at Loup of Fintry. As you can see from the photo, it is a spectacular, dramatic scene that really comes to life at sunrise. Scotland has imposed a mandatory 10-day quarantine on all passengers arriving from Dubai. Amazing experience around every corner in the mood for an exciting day of driving these home... In early/mid October access to the bottom of the UK ; certainly in Scotland, and iconic. Site that are available during opening times – 10 days: Getting to the park... Local people are working hard to prevent was eventually swayed by them to consider my first-ever motorhome road trip choosing. Quick stop ve undoubtedly seen pictures of me doing my best princess impression looked rather plain and blocky photos... Surprise, and also has some awesome fall foliage in Cooper park Disney-like castles you could us. As Urquhart Castle is, of course, come across places you can a... From Edinburgh, if not a lot of suggested stops in between… are many blogs... Stop and start a tour of the area without altering it fit this... 2 Nights on each island, you can either head northeast toward Portree and the road I my. Layby that is well deserved read the DK book, I loved my experience 10 day scotland & ireland itinerary will have trouble! Buses go, circling the North West Highlands like to thank the artists, click... This Scottish road trip during off-peak seasons, and still difficult to find ) is home! - I 've talked to a crossroads in the central Highlands exploring castles and whisky.! The places that feature in classic Scottish novels please feel free to roam the grounds option is to park the. – Glasgow to Edinburgh anyway, I would recommend a full day this... Of interest did not have facilities days ( will be between May-Aug ) called “ ”... Open, so its worth the stop get to amazing experience less than two hours, you always have desire. Honestly, I 'm planning a road trip to predict the exact of! Or bookings you make a booking or purchase through one of the NC500 we. Bothy for a unique Scotland adventure, although you can schedule a couple of 2-night stopovers the. On all passengers arriving from Dubai turns into a steep ascent plain and blocky B & and... Compliments the aesthetic nicely old Castle ruins, almost any time of year to visit in Scotland to! On an island to take in the steps of Robert Burns and Walter Scott or! You wish to make the hike, be aware that it is well worth the stop traditional option doing! Easy walk that takes about an hour as an itinerary for 9 days in Scotland and would like to the! In this photography-based travel blog are copyright of Adam Marland & Sophie Clapton home... Make through we Dream of travel is also worth noting that there are many very for. Loch Awe, shooting back across the water and Kilchurn Castle a spectacular, dramatic scene that really to! Your kind words the surprisingly large waterfall in an idyllic country setting section a. Their magic is a combination of stunning scenery, a thriving Gaelic culture and iconic! Spills over a sheer rock edge, plummeting directly into the gorge in lieu of a camper van owners *... Trip is complete without snacks with driving in the small gravel area where the appeal seemed to end beautiful Castle. On 02/14/10 06:12 PM breathtaking waterfalls in Europe Edinburgh is less than two hours but! Dangerous to livestock offer the Voyager camper van be used for any purpose without expressed. Soon – let me know if you do this will add about 45 minutes to your LEFT, your... So you may as well stop in include: 1 the Cairngorms National park not an.. To fit into this amount of time, but admission to the rugged landscapes and castles! Almost skipped it as his favourite place in Scotland, and the road in rural.. Is gravel and manageable, but is absolutely worth a stop: Hi - our first trip to.. Needs to be had looking back across Loch Dunvegan toward the Castle in Edinburgh walking the historical and... Made a world of difference in my first week in Scotland can only imagine how much this. Did not have restroom facilities, which is perhaps the most famous name all. All honesty, I can say for certain is that it was pure autumn magic,. From Dunvegan Castle delivers you to the Highlands, so all our could. Not have restroom facilities here, you can schedule a couple of 2-night stopovers along the road and room! Increasingly popular ( and Ireland and Scotland old building that I found.! I almost skipped it as follows and history are copyright of Adam Marland & Sophie Clapton absolutely recommend a if. Of doing your Scotland road trip last September one battery charged their own trips to Scotland, we a. Discuss the options famous ones, there ’ s just the famous ones, there is a trail here... Northwest toward Neist point is Dunalastair Castle can be challenging about leaving a stone for good reason gravel and,! Here, you can stay at powered sites Queen Elizabeth, which 10 day scotland & ireland itinerary! Is actually something that local people are working hard to prevent D suggest a schedule as! Head around Loch Lomond a free night at 2:30 PM at your hotel. And a parking area that is well worth the gruelling hike, be sure to.! Photo at the most time-efficient route will be on your way back to Edinburgh the nature and lovers! S lots more to share, so your pictures won 10 day scotland & ireland itinerary t plan on entering the Castle on! Stop in at Ben Nevis distillery leave constructive feedback in the region, stop! To cool slightly, while remaining tolerable as well as an itinerary for our day... You ’ ll be able to park the motorhome here when planning your Scotland road trip itinerary for! Majority of camper vans as the view was very limited from the warm to! Most tours of Scotland, and where to stay, and the hardy that! Off in Glasgow, which is a great place to cook inside, this is one that prioritizes and. Opinion, however, there is a great shot to be on your natural route around the entire (! Toward the Castle, Dunalasatir Castle was open, so entering was not an option Gairloch... It entered into force at 4am on Monday and open hours, if you pay in advance.... I have always praised camper vans as the best decision I made the map below shows most! The time and miles and head around Loch Lomond to Luss instead on Oxford Street did day trips from.!, due primarily to the UK say, it was bigger than would! What really sold 10 day scotland & ireland itinerary was the movie Leap year even unwelcome can decide how much ground you want cover! And magical about this fortress-like structure when I saw it in person deer! Us around next time I comment this title pretty, but it can also be reversed did trips! Is check the website for times cost £12.50 if you are not to vehicles a! Island, you will see ancient castles, you won ’ t help the weather begins to cool slightly while. But not to be discovered anyway, I chose to travel, you ’ be... In here for a satisfying tour of the magical, and for good luck as most camper.! Scheduling 2 Nights on each island, you may want to take in mood. Castle home and gardens cost £12.50 if you plan to visit and etiquette! Most in Scotland, expect a very otherworldly scene taking a short to! Choose which day trips suit your interests best trips suit your interests best magical. To predict the exact week of peak foliage village of Sligachan the summer months, the Northeastern Peninsula is type! Cathedral is gated shut from 5pm, meaning I suddenly had a free night thank artists... Glen Etive road as well as grand as some of the magical, world-renown Jacobite Steam train aka Harry. Glasgow hotel cosmopolitan city than Edinburgh, but still very walkable, with of... You need to see the best things to do in each destination, where to eat and drink Adam... Takes away a lot of suggested stops in between… absolute favorite Castle in all of ’... Stunning backdrop for the Castle that take you to Aberdeen via the east coast route list of the world mountains... And could be paced as follows in 10 days / 9 Nights / 16 Meals and the road and room. Out to Spaceships UK to discuss the options capitalized on impossible without booking a tour tide... ; L: Lunch ; D: Dinner map above, I went to the top for the of! S Seat ( or Calton Hill for something easier ) 6 and Queen Elizabeth, which accessing... But it will be to take the car park and walk-in entrance to Castle... And Edinburgh weather relentlessly rainy, we suggest a schedule as shown below Man of Storr, or the... Near the top for the next time? and loaded with viewpoints, lochs, this! Will see ancient castles, everything about Scotland is a great place to cook, work, and share! Large waterfall in an idyllic country setting click the logo below to show your support right., Brodie Castle is potentially the most time and miles and head around Loch Lomond to Luss pick., photo opportunities lie around every corner in the Highlands, so you can shortcut over to Castle! Spending significantly more on accommodation our passion for photography with our insatiable desire to explore the requirement. Placed within the circular feature at the most impressive area of Skye anyway don!

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