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15 May, 2023
Posted by porvent
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PorVent® Chemical Packaging Vents – Store Your Chemicals Safely

Industries and households all over the world require a myriad of chemicals daily. Many of these chemicals are hazardous but are inescapable parts of day-to-day activities such as maintenance, operating and manufacturing activities, industrial, agricultural, as well as household activities.

End users demand chemicals that are strong, effective, and efficient. With these increasing requisites, the need for well-designed, robust, and sturdy packaging has become crucial. Without effective packaging, these aggressive chemical formulations can deform the packaging, make the containers leaky and create safety hazards for handlers and users.

Traditional Packaging Drawbacks

Ventilation is essential for many chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, pesticides and fertilizers, bleach, etc. as they release gases or scavenge oxygen when packed and left sealed. Packaging failure can also be attributed to other factors, such as temperature & altitude fluctuations during transit and environmental conditions during storage, creating a pressure differential. Accumulation of these vapours leads to packaging failure, which can end up creating hazardous situations for the handlers, users, as well as the environment.

In addition, when non-vented containers store these aggressive chemicals, their packing performance reduces gradually, resulting in the container bloating or panelling. The deformation leads to leakages, which can cause health hazards due to exposure.

Apart from the human health hazard, packaging failure can make the chemical ineffective, affect the shelf life of the product, reputation of the brand and the manufacturer, causes financial losses, and requires messy clean-ups.

PTFE Venting Solutions
To tackle the problems associated with storing chemicals that need venting, incorporating PorVent® PTFE Vents into your packaging is an excellent solution. Below are some of the benefits of using these vents.

  1. Makes Containers Breathable – Incorporating these porous PTFE packaging vents into your containers allows your containers to breathe and prevents the contents from leaking. These vents allow the bi-directional exchange of air, preventing fumes and vapour accumulation in the container.
  2. Prevents Escape of Chemicals – The membrane structure ensures that the chemical being stored does not escape from the containers preventing leakages or loss of chemicals.
  3. Reduction in Internal Pressure Specifications in Design – Traditional chemical packaging containers are manufactured with higher internal pressure specifications to prevent container rupture when vapour accumulation occurs. However, with the vents allowing the vapours to escape, containers with lower internal pressure specifications can be used for storage. This effectively reduces the packaging weight and costs involved in transportation and fabrication.

Since these vents are fabricated using a microporous PTFE membrane, they are weldable, food-grade, chemically inert, and mechanically robust! Finally, these vents can be seamlessly incorporated into any packaging design.


In conclusion, PorVent® PTFE Chemical Packaging Vents are an excellent way to minimize the problems and dangers associated with packaging failure, ensuring that the container system is always in a stable state.

As the vent manufacturer, PorVent® prioritizes safety and offers seamless incorporation of these PTFE membrane-based protective vents into existing packaging designs. For more information, please visit  PorVent®.