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02 Jun, 2023
Posted by porvent
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PorVent® Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor electronic products take up a major part of the outdoor product segment since they cater to large markets across the world. These products include outdoor lamps, security monitoring equipment, commercial lights, telecommunication towers, junction boxes, photovoltaic inverters, etc.

These electronic products are continuously exposed to harsh environmental conditions. With the rise in demand for consistent and reliable outdoor electronic products that can sustain even in demanding conditions, protective vents offer a compact and durable solution.

Outdoor Electronics – Challenges

Outdoor electronic products are often densely packed, which means they have high internal temperatures and pressures, creating frequent condensation risks. This condensation can lead to rusting of the metal components of the electronics and reduce the functionality of the products.

In addition, since these components are placed in open environments, they are susceptible to dust and water ingress. External factors such as rain, winds, dust, temperature, and pressure affect these products constantly, leading to the failure of casing seals and corrosion.

These external environmental factors are major culprits of the reduced product service life and quality in the long run.

Venting Solutions for Outdoor Electronics

PorVent® offers excellent outdoor electronics protection solutions against the challenges associated with harsh external environments. PorVent® IP protection vents act as protective barriers against these extreme conditions and ensure that the enclosures remain IP67 rated (Water and dust proof).

Fabricated from breathable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes, these low-profile adhesive vents are adept at keeping out dust and water.

These vents also equalise the pressure when the temperature fluctuates, which makes the system more stable even under extreme conditions. With pressure equalisation, the condensation can be reduced, which increases the product field life.

The most unique and selling point of the PTFE membrane configurations is that they are customisable, which means they can be customised for airflow properties and repellence to oils as well as other aggressive liquids.

In addition, these protective vents are extremely easy to integrate into existing systems, which minimises the costs by eliminating the need for rugged enclosures. There is a wide range of protective such as adhesive discs, which have numerous applications, and a few of them have been listed below.

  • Enclosures

Since these vents are compact and small in size, they can be easily incorporated into enclosures.

Upon installation, they ensure that pressure is equalised at all times, which can prevent premature failure of seals and deposition of moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

They eliminate the need for rugged enclosures, which not only cuts down the costs but also reduces the weight.

  • Lights

Light technology has been evolving, which has led to the introduction of LED lamps. Unlike traditional lamps, LED lighting produces less heat, leading to cold spots at the lens. These cold spots encourage the condensation of vapours.

This condensation makes the electronic components vulnerable to corrosion and reduces the lamps’ energy efficiency. With  PorVent® IP protection vents, the condensation can be halted, making these lights quintessential for marine lighting, emergency lighting, industrial lighting, as well as entertainment lighting.

  • Sensors

Digital signal processing and MEMs sensor technology are being adapted into numerous applications. However, obstructions caused by dust, humidity, and other contaminants can reduce the accuracy of sensors.

Incorporating PorVent® vents in these sensors increases the accuracy of the sensors and ensures that their utility period increases. In addition, it assures measure stability and warrants rapid response time, which is especially critical in industries.

  • Telecommunication Systems

The outdoor communication base stations, especially those installed in harsh environments, face threats from sand, scorching sunlight, rain, and dust.

PorVent® helps in extending the service life of telecommunication systems and enables you to downsize your maintenance and manufacturing costs. It helps maintain reliable connectivity of these communication base stations.

Apart from these common and critical industrial applications, these vents can be extremely useful on a small scale, such as household applications.

PorVent® offers both screw-in and adhesive vent options, which makes integration of these vents into your outdoor electronics seamless and effortless. Since these are customisable, you can ensure that the vents fitted complement your electronics and make them more robust and resistant.

Apart from providing protective vents, PorVent® also offers other options, such as automotive vents, chemical packaging vents, etc. You can find more details at PorVent® about various vent solutions!