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29 Aug, 2023
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PorVent® Automotive Vents and Their Applications

With rapid advancements in the automotive industry, the need for effective and efficient vents has also risen. Today, the automotive sector boasts different varieties of vehicles, such as electrical, hybrid, and conventional.

Most of these vehicles are incorporated with an array of electronic components essential for smooth functioning. However, for optimal performance and increased longevity, these components need a high degree of venting.

To address the critical needs of the automotive sector, PorVent® has designed and engineered venting solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technology specifically tailored for the automotive environment. Read this blog to discover more about PorVent® automotive vents, which can help you meet the needs of the modern electronic components embedded in your vehicles!


Why Use PorVent® Vents?

Fabricated from a fluoropolymer known as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), PorVent® protective vents are versatile and selective in nature, which helps tackle various issues that automotive parts face in their challenging environment. Below, we have listed the myriads of applications and outlined how these vents are effective in each scenario.


1. Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Batteries

The batteries continuously undergo charging and discharging cycles along with electrolysis to produce energy. This often leads to the liberation of gases like hydrogen. Without an apposite venting system, this gas buildup can lead to swelling in batteries and cause explosions of batteries.

Many EV/hybrid vehicles utilise Li-ion batteries; hence, a Li ion battery vent can help enhance your batteries’ performance and longevity. You can also tackle multiple issues together, which are listed below.

  • Pressure Equalisation – According to physics, internal pressure is directly proportional to the system’s temperature. When the battery undergoes its charging and discharging cycles, it produces extensive amounts of heat, which leads to an increase in internal pressure. PorVent® vents act as a pressure relief mechanism and help equalise the pressure so that the performance of the batteries stays intact.
  • Moisture and Environmental Protection – PTFE vents are hydrophobic in nature, which prevents the deposition of moisture and thus prevents corrosion. In addition, these vents act as a barrier against the ingress of dust, dirt, and other foreign particles and help safeguard sensitive battery cells.
  • Degassing – Earlier, we talked about the liberation of gases, and installing these vents offers a practical solution to this issue. Since PTFE vents are microporous in nature, they allow the gases to vent out into the external atmosphere and hence prevent buildups.

2. Powertrain

Being responsible for delivering mechanical power from the prime mover to the driven components, a powertrain needs to be highly reliable and functional.

PorVent® automotive vents help equalise the pressure in this system and also prevent the accumulation of contaminants. In addition, the microporous nature of these vents prevents oil aerosols from escaping, thus allowing the powertrain to be lubricated at all times!

3. Lighting Systems

The surface of the lighting systems is a perfect spot for condensation of moisture. The difference in temperatures is the most common reason for this condensation of water vapour.

This makes the automotive lighting prone to fogging. However, with PTFE vents being hydrophobic, they help dissipate the moisture and prevent its accumulation. They also dissipate the thermal energy produced by the light bulbs and prevent sensitive components from getting overheated.

Electronic Control Units and Sensors

Electronic control units and sensors are critical for the functioning of your vehicle. However, they are also the components that are most sensitive to heat and temperature fluctuations.

With PTFE automotive vents being breathable in nature, heat is efficiently dissipated into the atmosphere, which aids in maintaining thermal stability.

While these are the major applications of the vents manufactured by PorVent®, they are also used in horns, audio systems, electric motors, and pumps. PorVent® offers Screw-in, adhesive, and cut-disc vents. Each of these vents is robust and possesses high tensile strength. Depending on your desired application, you can choose the best suitable series!


The incorporation of automotive vents is an effective way to enhance the longevity of the various automotive components. Since these vents are engineered to function in extreme conditions, they will not fail!

In addition, these vents are also versatile and compact, and hence can be easily fitted into different components. You can check out PorVent® to find out more details about these vents!