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12 Jan, 2023
Posted by porvent
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Not all vents are created equal

Packaging hazardous chemicals is a challenging task. A well-designed package must prevent pillage, be robust, and have sufficient safety factor. The results of poor packaging design can be dangerous, leading to chemicals leaking and having a long-lasting negative impact on the environment, causing harm to the end-users or warehouse workers, or being rendered ineffective for their intended use. Poor packaging also damages brand reputation and can be expensive to clean up and replace.

There are two common issues with packaging systems: lack of weatherability to the elements and transport conditions, and leakproofness. For instance, agrochemicals, when packed poorly, tend to leak, thus causing acute hazards to users and the environment, especially water bodies. Also, chemicals may be temperature sensitive, and the package may not have been cooled or heated to the right temperature before filling, leading to container deformation during transport or storage.

An essential part of packaging design is deciding whether your formulation needs a vent. Many chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, pesticides and fertilizers, bleach, etc. release gases or scavenge oxygen when packed. This phenomenon can lead packaging to bulge or panel and ultimately causes leakages.

PTFE vents are a reliable solution to this problem. They effectively equalize pressure inside and outside the package and keep it leakproof. PTFE is an inert material and is compatible with a wide range of chemicals; however, not every PTFE vent is equal.

PorVent® PTFE vents are different, a better alternative to other PTFE options, not purpose- designed for the toughest packaging challenges. We are partnered with Porex Corporation (Filtration Group) and exclusively use their industry-leading PTFE for our vents.

What influences your purchasing decisions – expertise and excellence, knowledge-sharing, market-competitiveness, supplier-partnership, innovation? We gear our efforts to consistently bring you best in class PTFE vents that you can rely upon with every supply.

The PorVent® Edge:

MATERIALS: Vents manufactured using high-quality Porex Virtek™ sPTFE (produced in the Porex Scotland facility). sPTFE is different from traditionally available ePTFE, which is fragile and requires a non-PTFE backing material. sPTFE is pure PTFE, extremely robust, and engineered to have a constant flow rate and liquid repellence

EXCELLENCE: An ISO 9001:2015 certified advanced manufacturing facility in India with sophisticated testing facilities that lead the industry.

Our motto: Part 1 = Part 1 Billion

EXPERTISE & INNOVATION: Decades of experience with experts from Technology International and Porex help customers solve complex issues. We believe in sharing our experiences and encourage customers to leverage our knowledge enabling unique solutions. In-depth knowledge also brings about innovation both in our continual introduction of new products and incremental improvement of existing products

FLEXIBILITY & RAPID PROTOTYPING: We put customer needs at the center and welcome unique customer requirements. We can facilitate custom parts for new product development within just ‘days’ using in-house 3D printing technology

A STRATEGIC PARTNER: PorVent® is like an extension of your packaging team. We believe in acting as a change agent bringing best practices and ideas to you. We are committed to transparent communication, forming a common goal, and optimizing costs where possible

Choosing the right PTFE vent can be the difference between reliability and compromise.
Choose PorVent®, choose good design.