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404, Synergy Square, Krishna Industrial Estate,Gorwa, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Automotive and Outdoor Electronics Vents

Electronic enclosures are vulnerable to a wide range of environmental hazards that can affect the performance, reliability and life expectancy of the sensitive Electronics within.

Comprehensive Solution

Equalize pressure, to avert premature seal failure

When the enclosure is exposed to environmental temperature changes, or temperature changes related to the device turning on and off, a pressure differential is created between the enclosure air volume and the environment. These pressure changes put extreme stress on the housing seals over time, causing them to fail and allow moisture and other contaminants to enter. PorVent® vents equalize pressure by allowing air to pass through the membrane.

Prevent contamination (Moisture, Wind driven rain & particulates and other contaminants)

A rapid change of temperature or altitude will cause pressure differentials between the enclosure and its environment. This leads to a vacuum forming within the enclosure. As the vacuum draws in contaminants, this will result in lower-performance, increased costs and dissatisfied customers. PorVent® Vents provide a durable barrier against liquid, dust, dirt and other contaminants.

Reduce condensation that can corrode sensitive electronics

In addition to failed seals, moisture can form inside enclosures due to temperature differentials. If this condensation remains inside the sealed enclosure, it can compromise functions and corrode sensitive electronics and battery contacts. Independent research has shown that condensation is more damaging than rain because it remains on the surface. PorVent® Vents reduce condensation because pressure equalization limits the formation of condensation inside an enclosure.

Integrate easily with a compact venting structure

Extend life of the product

Eliminate the need for ruggedized housings, reducing costs and weight

Meets all industry standards

PorVent® products have a microporous membrane with pores small enough to block entry of water, fluids, dust, dirt, salts and other contaminants. Yet at the same time, these pores are large enough to allow molecules of air and gases to exit the enclosure. This not only reduces the chance of condensation build-up, but also equalizes pressures that could otherwise stress enclosure seals to fail and admit even more moisture.
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