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Outdoor Electronics Vents

Outdoor Electronics

Modern electronics have to perform reliably and consistently in demanding conditions. Electronics are vulnerable to a multitude of environmental and operational factors, and choosing the right components in your enclosure design is essential.

Challenges such as densely-packed components creating high internal temperatures and pressures, frequent condensation leading to warranty claims, and longer life products demanding the entire system be robustly protected from dust and water ingress are becoming common place.

PorVent® IP protection vents are made keeping these problems in mind. Our robust Screw-in & Snap-fit series and low-profile Adhesive vent series are made from breathable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes that keep water and dust out of electronics, while equalizing air pressure as temperatures fluctuate. We can also customize membrane configurations to allow for customized airflow properties and repellence to oils and other aggressive liquids.

Outdoor electronic enclosures have to perform under various challenging environmental hazards while maintaining performance, reliability and rated life.
  1. Outdoor enclosures
  2. Outdoor access control systems
  3. Surveillance and Security Cameras
  4. Tracking Equipment
  5. Traffic control systems
Features & Benefits
  • Rapidly equalize housing pressures, to avert premature seal failure
  • Prevent ingress of moisture, wind-driven rain and particulates and other contaminants
  • Reduce condensation that can corrode sensitive electronics
  • Eliminate the need for “ruggedized” housings, reducing costs and weight
  • Provide a compact, venting structure that is easily installed and integrated.
Current trends make preventing condensation in outdoor enclosures more important than ever. For example:
  1. Unlike conventional lamps, LED lighting generates less heat, creating a cold spot at the lens that encourages humidity to build up into condensation. The LED benefits — energy efficiency and bulb life — can easily be cancelled out if condensation causes premature lamp failure, and more frequent, more costly maintenance calls or warranty claims.
  2. As electronic devices of all types integrate more components and functions into smaller housings, they become more vulnerable to condensation-induced corrosion. At the same time, customers expect these higher-value assemblies will deliver more reliable performance over longer times.
Features & Benefits
  • Industrial/commercial outdoor lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Outdoor decorative/entertainment lighting
  • Marine lighting
Digital signal processing and MEMs sensor technology are being used in an increasing variety of applications. In many cases, a cost-effective means of contamination control and corrosion resistance is required to prevent the generation of erroneous signals and protect delicate components of the sensing elements.
  1. Humidity Sensors
  2. Pressure Sensors
  3. Temperature Sensors
  4. Gas Sensors
Features & Benefits
  • Better Accuracy
  • Rapid response time
  • Improved measurement stability
  • Increased lifetime
Today’s telecommunication systems aim for reliable connectivity everywhere – requiring more equipment in remote locations, and greater exposure to extreme environmental conditions. PorVent® can extend the service life of telecommunication equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  1. Tower top electronic enclosures
  2. Small cell nodes
  3. Coverage systems
  4. Base station battery units
  5. Antenna tilt monitors
  6. Tower mounted sensors
Features & Benefits
  • Maintain Reliable Connectivity
  • Decrease Maintenance
  • Reduce Manufacturing costs
  • Meet equipment life expectancy
  • Improve integration
The solar and wind energy industry is changing rapidly as new technologies are developed and efficiency improves. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, the electronics become more complex. Systems are expected to that last more than two decades. Understanding the challenges of these complex systems and how they are changing is the only way to ensure success. PorVent® helps you engineer a venting solution that will improve the reliability of your solar and wind energy system.
  1. Junction box
  2. CPV Modules
  3. String Combiner Box
  4. Tracking Equipment
  5. Micro/string inverter
  6. Monitoring equipment

Product Range

Screw-in Series

Adhesive Series

Cut-disc Series

Snap-fit Series