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The core product line includes porous PTFE  vents with applications in the chemical packaging, electronics, and medical industries

PorVent® has partnered with Porex Corporation, USA to source advanced sintered PTFE material enabling it to offer industry leading solutions



Failures of chemical containers (leakage or de-shaping) can be attributed to a variety of factors such as – changes in ambient temperature or altitude during transportation, chemicals inside the container releasing gases or consuming oxygen, etc.

This results in

Deformation of the chemical containers results in reduced packaging performance, leakage, financial loss to the company due to replacement and messy clean ups, reduction of content shelf life and loss of brand reputation.

Our Solution

PorVent PTFE vents are made from a liquid repellent breathable membrane that can be incorporated into your packaging.

Key Features:

Prevents contents of container from leaking

Lowers internal pressure so packaging weight can be reduced

Lower packaging weight leads to cost savings in packaging and transport


Core Product Function:

Allows bi-directional exchange of air

Dissipates heat

Blocks entry of contaminants and moisture

The Product

Push-Fit Plugs

Press-fit | 0.25L - 200L Bottles & Barrels

  • High quality HDPE plugs with breathable PTFE membrane
  • Designed to be securely press-fit into caps
  • Available in 3 variations – PV10, PV15 and PV17 (with integrated splash guard)

Inner Plugs

Press-fit | 0.10L - 10L Bottles & Cans

  • High quality HDPE plugs with breathable PTFE membrane
  • Designed to be securely press-fit into mouth of a Bottle or Jerry Can
  • Available in 19, 23.3, 28, 31.5, 35, 37, 50mm or custom ODs

Induction Liners

Induction sealed | 0.1L - 1L Bottles

  • High quality Induction and EPE liners with breathable PTFE membrane
  • Designed to ensure zero leakage
  • Available for both HDPE and PET bottles in custom sizes

PTFE Discs

Inert | Weldable | Breathable

  • High quality hydrophobic and oleophobic PTFE discs
  • Weld on to various plastic components
  • Available in 6mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10.4mm ODs

Direct Weld

Customized | Flexible

  • In-house Direct weld capabilities offer customers the flexibility to vent any enclosure
  • We create custom tooling to weld on the most challenging customer components

Custom Products

Rapid prototypes | Innovation

  • 3D printing drastically cuts sampling time for non-standard geometries
  • Advanced ultrasonic welding techniques enable PTFE welding on multiple surfaces including flexible packaging (pouches, rolls) and rigid plastics (Nylon, ABS, etc.)


Agrochemicals, Pesticides & Bio-fertilizers
Peroxides & Acids
Domestic & industrial Cleaners
Poultry & Veterinary Formulations


Our Esteemed Advisors

Dr. Ranjan Sengupta
Chemical Engineering specialist with over 30 years of post-graduate teaching and over 37 years of research experience
Mr. Satyajai Mayor
Prominent Industry thought leader and membraneologist with decades of experience in developing new membrane technologies and processes.



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